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Meet Randy

Known simply as “Coach” or “OG” to the young men he trains, Elite Performance Foundation founder Randy Dixon doesn’t hesitate to tell them that he loves them, saying, “Most of them have never heard that from a man.” Dixon’s boxing gym is in Hickory Hill, and he is a new partner with Memphis Allies’ SWITCH Youth program.

Meet Cody

Meet Cody Brown: Helping Memphis Allies participants enter the workforce

Creating strong community ties is critical when it comes to the work of Memphis Allies and that is just what Vocational Coordinator Cody Brown does. “My job is to do all the behind-the-scenes work, so the life coaches don’t have to,” he says.

Meet Portia

Connecting high-risk individuals to the right services: Meet Portia Memphis Allies is increasing services to individuals at highest-risk for involvement in gun violence. Every day, Portia talks to youth, families and young adults, helping them connect to the right...

Meet Renardo and I Shall Not Die But Live! 

Memphis Allies is expanding the SWITCH – Support with Intention to Create Hope -- program to Orange Mound with a new partner and office. SWITCH serves individuals aged 17 to 30 who are at highest risk for involvement in gun violence. SWITCH is now serving...
U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty meets with a SWITCH Youth team

U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty meets with a SWITCH Youth team

Sen. Hagerty and national visitors learn more about gun violence initiatives in Memphis As U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty looked on, life coaches and counselors reviewed the progress of one of the first participants in Memphis Allies’ SWITCH Youth program. SWITCH Youth –...

The Power of Two

The Power of Two

In SWITCH Youth, clinical specialists and life coaches team up to help high-risk youth Meet Memphis Allies Switch Youth Clinical Specialist: Taneshia Blackshire Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, Taneshia Blackshire always knew she had a fiery passion for...